Keep Your Antique Car Running Smoothly

Keep Your Antique Car Running Smoothly

Choose our Muskegon, MI shop for the poured Babbitt bearing repairs you need

The bearings in your antique vehicle aren't easy to replace. If your bearings are worn or damaged, contact Steve's Antique Auto Repair in Muskegon, MI. We craft Babbitt bearings in our repair shop. We know how to make quality-crafted bearings for all classic cars.

Don't let bad bearings damage your vehicle. Reach out for more information on poured Babbitt bearings.

Our process at a glance

Do you need to replace the Babbitt bearings in your classic vehicle? When you bring your pride and joy to our Babbitt bearing repair shop, you can rest assured knowing it's in good hands. We'll treat your vehicle as if it's our own by:

  • Thoroughly inspecting your bearings and explaining the issue in detail
  • Providing affordable, long-lasting and effective solutions
  • Replacing your old bearings with high-end poured Babbitt bearings
When your bearings have a problem, scheduling prompt poured Babbitt bearing replacements is important. Delaying services can result in engine overheating, particles in your oil or knocking noises.

Call our Babbitt bearing repair shop in Muskegon, MI to schedule an inspection.

5 benefits of using Babbitt alloy for your vehicle's bearings

Our Babbitt bearing repair shop uses Babbitt metal to craft new bearings because it:

  1. Exceeds engineering standards
  2. Produces less waste
  3. Is extremely consistent
  4. Provides a vibrant metal appearance
  5. Costs less to use
Protect your vehicle with the best. Contact us for poured Babbitt bearing services today